WoNA Page 25

So, just because a thing looks cute…

WoNA Page 23

These safety features seem…hazardous.

WoNA Page 22

It wouldn’t be a wizard school without needlessly convoluted defense mechanisms!

WoNA Page 21

I’m pretty sure I’ve made that face before.

WoNA Page 20

She’s a wizard trying to hide from her past. He’s a magically animated sentient statue. Catch them on our new wizard cop spin-off, Keeper’n Kel…

WoNA Page 19

Man, I wish *I* was that good at ending arguments…

WoNA Page 18

I’m starting to get the sense that maybe someone didn’t have the best time here…

WoNA Page 16

Magical School security features, amiright?

WoNA Page 14

I’m getting the impression that Kel isn’t good an first impressions.

WoNA Page 15

I’m sure that nothing bad or awkward will come of this.

WoNA Page 12

Kel seems to have strong feelings about things.

WoNA Page 11

At this point I’m surprised even wizards still read the paper.

WoNA Page 10

She really can’t catch a break with these statues…

WoNA Page 09

Children don’t even have to be articulate to be mean.

Wona Page 7

Why would you ever trust them with magic?

Wona Page 6

I’m sure he doesn’t mean anything by that.

Wona Page 5

Pfft, and they say you can never go back.

WoNA Page 2

And they were never seen again…